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In a live online class, you can enter our chat to connect with your community, voice requests, or privately chat with your teacher about current restrictions. Your requests and restrictions are what create your live class!  

Guest hosts provide other wellness classes, resources, and informational sessions for anyone to access.

Come learn and breathe with us!

Weekly Viniyoga | Live Online

Classes are one hour of asana followed by an optional 15-20 minutes of pranayama (breath) and meditation practice to amplify and support your practice, system, and well being. 

Monday | Wednesday

9:30 am Yoga for Strength and Balance | 12:00 pm Gentle Yoga

Tuesdays | Thursday

4:30 pm All Levels Yoga | 6:00 pm Yoga for Stress Relief

Friday | Saturday

10:30 am Yoga for Energy and Vitality




















Private Yoga Online

Private sessions are highly specialized to the client and are an opportune way to learn chronic pain and stress management practices specific to your body and life as a whole.

An Online Wellness Community

Sewing Seeds


Gratitude, Grounding, and Growth